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Limited Workforce Available Causes Production Delay (Starting from January 24, 2022)

The pandemic situation (Omicron) has recently gotten worse, and our employees have been forced to work from home for the time being. Only a certain number of staff are allowed to work in our workshops.

Although our dedicated artists have worked nonstop, our order volume has continued to climb, and you may have certainly seen your shipments delayed in the course of delivery.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, item/artwork production is getting delayed and slowed down due to our limited workforce.

We want to be fully transparent and inform you that products you order now (Starting from January 24th, 2022) might need at least 1-2 weeks to produce and deliver as we have to catch up with the backlogs. We are sincerely grateful for the support we get from YOU, our beloved and valued customers.

Please forgive us for the delayed production, and we would certainly appreciate your kind understanding.

Starting from January 24th, 2022, for each purchase you make on our store, 2% of every dollar, alongside the tips you give us, will be donated to the front-line workers who fight against the pandemic.

Your 2% donation from the purchase will be donated to the “WHO COVID-19 RESPONSE” ( Please join us in the fight against the outbreak!

Once again, thanks for your support and take care.


CEO - Bill

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